Euphoria episode 3


A chaotic world that begins with the declaration of a mysterious voice. A deja vu feeling that goes through the hero’s mind.

A mysterious voice that causes the protagonists to perform abnormal acts one after another, starting with the electrocution of the class president, Toko Ando, ​​who is the dropout of the game.
The feeling of having experienced it in the past gives the hero even more suffering.
The hero who plays Rinne Shiraya, a beautiful girl with many mysteries, one after another.

I will dye my hands on acts that make me want to cover my eyes, such as anal attack, whipping, and filth.
After each transformation, one door opens to the exit.
While other women are watching on the monitor, the immoral act with Rinne Byakuya unfolds one after another.
What is the face behind the midnight sun Rinne that will soon be visible?