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Mother Knows Breast episode 2

Perhaps because Fujino witnessed the collapse of his family, the samurai felt that her attachment to her family (thinking herself uniquely) was too strong, and she said, “I threw away the man and treated it like garbage.” I felt like I understood a little.
When the samurai went home in the morning and terrifiedly opened the door of the house, there was a shinobi sleeping at the front door, tired of waiting for the samurai. When he notices the samurai, he hugs him and complains about how worried he is. A samurai who reaffirms what his top priority is, even though he feels guilty about such shinobi.
Fujino doesn’t want to meet Fumino even if she comes home. When she meets Shinobu in the city, she is stabbed by her ex-boyfriend and falls into an unconscious state. She was triggered by hitting a man in the city. Fumino appears in her hospital, but she doesn’t seem to be worried about her real daughter, Fujino. The samurai gets angry with her and asks Fumino. Fumino Kaze on Yanagi lays down a samurai on her vacant bed and kisses her. She looked jealous and she said, “Did you sleep with Fujino?” And forced the samurai to take the anesthetic in her mouth, and she was forced to …