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Koakuma Kanojo The Animation episode 1

・ “Tsundere Devi”
school girl Mika Akuno had a crush on her classmate Kazuya.
However, when touched by her favorite person, Mika’s chest and butt grow larger and the devil’s tail grows.
She is still in agony today, but she messes with the devil’s tail and indulges in masturbation.
However, she is witnessed by Kazuya at the scene. Mika’s excitement doesn’t subside even if she ejaculates from her tail …!?

・ “Sister’s Ring”
Kana plays “DVD of rumors cursed when she sees it” with a scary look.
Then, a huge hand appears from the monitor and strokes Kana’s body.
Kana whose crotch gets hot as soon as she. Kana confirms her own dick and suddenly screams at her.
When her younger sister Mai rushed to see Kana’s dick, she … what a erected cock was growing in her crotch !!