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Mother Knows Breast episode 1

When the samurai returns home, her mother-in-law, Fumino, greets her. “Welcome back. Samurai, Shinobu.” Shinobu hides behind the samurai. Her sister-in-law, Shinobu, avoids her real mother, Fumino, instead of becoming a samurai. Fumino saw it with a bit of a bitter smile and said, “I’m ready to eat.”
At first glance, the Oshino family’s dining table looks peaceful. Fumino smiles and talks about what happened today, and the samurai responds normally to it. However, Shinobu doesn’t get into that circle well. And the samurai cares about such shinobi.
Only Fumino is a very bright and strange sight. Shinobu doesn’t want to see reality in her house, or she’s over-appealing herself, so she quickly returns to her room and falls asleep. After Shinobu went to bed, the true night of the Oshino family started. As usual, the samurai is taken into Fumino’s room and made to deal with her. The feelings of the samurai are completely ignored. Even so, the samurai is shinobi and is afraid of being despised, and ends up dealing with him.