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Otome Juurin Yuugi: Maiden Infringement Play episode 2

The cuteness that escaped Akira from the jealousy of the main character, Shuji, was deprived of her virginity by the vagrant as a punishment.
Shuji, who observes the situation after the matter is over, accepts her as her companion when she is convinced that her pretty attitude is what she wants.

Akira and Ibuki are trained separately while being confined separately.
Akira regrets that Ibuki’s virginity was scattered because of herself.
And even if she denies it in her mind, her body is beginning to feel, she hates to feel it even in anal with Akagi’s training, and she gradually becomes bearish ….
On the other hand, Ibuki will also be trained by her. However, her heart is not broken even if she is made to hold a penis and is used as an outlet for endless sexual desire.

Shuji comes up with a plan to defeat Ibuki.
He infused Ibuki that pretty was the owner of her special habit, and instead of her training she told her to commit pretty.
Although Ibuki isn’t surprised at her, she can’t go against Shuji anymore and accepts the proposal.
Ibuki didn’t know. It is Akira that she is considered pretty. And that her meal was filled with aphrodisiacs …