Colosseum no Senki: Another Story episode 1


The Coliseum of Bernoop in a crucible of excitement.
The person at the center was dressed in a red dress that was not suitable for a gladiator.
Faced with her hungry wolf, she is not cheering but swearing,
and the more you defeat the wolf, the stronger it becomes.

She is her neighbor, Princess Scarlet of Bastia.
The two countries, which are in constant conflict, exchanged royalty as a means of peace.
Therefore, Scarlet came to this country.
Peace between the two countries was maintained, and Scarlet was treated as her state guest.

However, the situation changes completely when the prince on the Bernoop side dies unexpectedly.
Bernup’s people’s will demanded Scarlet’s brutal death, and in response, the
country dropped Scarlet into the status of gladiator XX.
She was born as a war princess, and Scarlet continued to win the battle of the Coliseum with her excellent fighting power, and she survived.
But as long as her audience wants Scarlett to die, she will be murdered in the not too distant future.
Scarlet always felt that.
Scarlett finds out that a man named Gustav, whom she met by accident, is an excellent carrier who can surely deliver anything to her destination, and
she decides to send herself to her homeland with her own body as a request fee. I was asking.