Colosseum no Senki: Another Story episode 2


Scarlet is chained and deprived of her physical freedom.
When you move your body, the metallic sound of the chains that are connected echoes throughout the inorganic room.
Scarlett served as a prostitute to a Sekisho official to cross the border.

After that, he was imprisoned here by the hands of an official. An official who played with Scarlet approaches with a sneaky smile.
She is a scarlet who is strong enough to be called a war princess, but she is only a weak daughter who is deprived of her physical freedom.
The official knew she was a princess.

The reason I brought him here was not to hand him over as a sinner, but to train him as his favorite sex.
A lewd tool is brought in by the hands of the soldiers.
A long and nasty training was about to begin …