Usamimi Bouken-tan: Sekuhara Shinagara Sekai o Sukue episode 3


A young man traveling as a hero in a different world and his companion Usa Ear Spirit ○ Woman Unasaka overcomes the trials of Nia, the last god in the world, and leaves the ruins.
With information from Mr. Succubus who was waiting at the exit, she decided to avoid the blocked road and head for the royal capital through another city.
“There is a lot of temptation over there. Usagi-chan must be careful ☆”
And the two of them visited a city full of temptations.
The hero’s reason is on the verge of collapse in a place full of floating atmosphere and bunny-san!
Shake your hips to the shameful dance of the ugly, Sharwi dance!
The naiveness that has become more active lately is kind of crazy!
Icharab development also appears in front of them again for a while.
And the history of this world revealed. The story accelerates to the climax!
Mimi Usami ○ A woman changes her job to a dancer !?
Even before the final battle for the survival of the world, sexual harassment is forever immortal !!