Usamimi Bouken-tan: Sekuhara Shinagara Sekai o Sukue episode 2


The young man who was sent to another world continues his journey to save the world with the spirit of the rabbit ears.
In front of the destination, the royal capital, the two were attacked by Iroha, a new thug from the king.
The bridge to the royal capital was destroyed and thrown into the river.
And if you notice it, an uninhabited island!
He lived a survival life with Unasaka, made up with the cool beauty Iroha in sexual harassment play, and managed to escape from the island.
However, one difficulty has passed and another difficulty.
A mysterious ruin that stands in front of them.
Even in the labyrinth where Aqui is infested, the hero’s sexual harassment can be anywhere! And the existence that claims to be the god that appears.
Will serious development begin!
“You must defeat the King to correct this distorted world.” An uninhabited island, a mysterious ruin, and a labyrinth infested with Aqui.
Wherever you go, the brave is sexually harassed Happy Days
That? What is the purpose of this trip?