Usamimi Bouken-tan: Sekuhara Shinagara Sekai o Sukue episode 1


One day, a young man was suddenly sent to another world.
What appeared in front of him was the self-proclaimed spirit, a pretty girl with rabbit ears growing from her head.
Now this world is in danger of being destroyed by a force called Aqui.
She was convinced that he was a hero, and she wanted her to save the world together.
“Let’s do our best together, Master!”
But the journey to save the world is not easy.
A mysterious lust that suddenly attacks his body.
To heal her suffering, the spirit girl suppresses her shame and provides herself with Zurineta!
Excellent spirits will not neglect to change their mood with cosplay!
And finally, in the development of overlapping the body!
Which is tomorrow for the spirit girl who is swayed by the sexual harassment hero !