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Onna Kyoushi Nijuusan-sai episode 2

The female teacher “Rumiko Honjo”, who was having a happy day with smooth sailing, fell into the trap of a yakuza and was at the bottom of unhappiness.
Rumiko is trained every day by taking pictures of ○○○.
Under such circumstances, one of the yakuza who got into her workplace, Seiei Gakuen, “Kuroshima” set the drama club student “Eri Kazeto” as the target of her next desire and started her actions.
Then, Eri is trapped in the trap of Kuroshima’s desire and, like Rumiko, falls into the hell of ○○. On the other hand, Rumiko was also unaware of Eri’s misfortune, and she spent her days serving the color house “Tsunekawa”.
Will Rumiko feel at ease when her body and soul are polluted, she broke up with her beloved fiance, her family was kicked out, and even her students were involved …?