Princess Lover! episode 1


Sylvia, the eldest daughter of the Van Hossen family, who has served as a knight in the Principality of Filmish for generations, is a modern version of the “female knight” whose charm is the dignity of a man.
It is her supreme and noble mission to devote herself to her country and to the people.
Teppei Arima, her fiancé, decided by her parents, appears in front of Sylvia, who has sworn to her heart.
She was Sylvia, who gradually began to think of Teppei, who was hit by her unrelenting feelings, but her sense of mission hindered her from becoming obedient.
One day, for several days when her father was absent, she and her sister Maria were left in the mansion of the Arima family where Teppei lived.
And that night, she couldn’t refuse Teppei’s feelings, and she was forced to spend the night together … The days of drowning in lust, which can be said to be self-degrading from Sylvia’s point of view, begin.
On the way home from school … in bed at night … the two sought each other.