Misoji Doutei ga Shinsotsu Joshi ni Kuwareta Hanashi The Motion Anime


japanese: 三十路童貞が新卒女子に喰われた話 The Motion Anime



In “The Trainee,” Momoka Onoda is a bright and ambitious new graduate who has just joined a prestigious company. Despite her petite frame and affable personality, she quickly becomes popular among her colleagues, including the male employee tasked with training her. However, this particular employee, played by our protagonist, has a secret that he keeps hidden from everyone: he’s a 30-year-old virgin. His lack of experience has made him socially awkward and intimidated by attractive women, especially Momoka, who he finds both alluring and off-putting. One night, after a company event, our protagonist and Momoka find themselves alone together. In a drunken and inappropriate state, he invites her back to his place, fully aware that it’s sexual harassment. He offers to “eat her virginity” and even mentions his own lack of experience. What follows is a tense and uncomfortable night that forces our protagonist to confront his own demons and the harm he’s caused. “The Trainee” is a powerful and thought-provoking film that explores the damaging effects of toxic masculinity and the importance of consent in sexual relationships.