Diabolus: Kikoku episode 1


Maka Komaki, a disciplinary committee member who attends the academy standing in the mountains, was looking around as usual in order to protect the academy’s discipline.
Sayako Kimitsuka, her friend who Maka loved her, comes to her. And she was supposed to have a good school life with her … but a man appears in front of them.
The man continued to commit the female students of the academy with desire.

Maka decides to stretch her body to protect her Sayako from her man and to meet her request that the man has made.
“To protect Sayako … if I put up with it …”

In the school, the disturbing voice of the disciplinary committee, which should not be heard, echoes.
Even Amatsu, the disposition of drooling in front of her friend Sayako sleeping …

“No more … I’m crazy … in the academy … in the classroom … in the classroom … Is

it really for Sayako to keep up with the man’s request?
She couldn’t answer the question, only her body answered the act.