3 Piece The Animation episode 1


「3Piece ~YUKATA~」At a summer festival, where the top-selling prize is the main attraction, Mira, a blonde beauty, licks candy apples erotically to attract customers. With her nice body visible even under her yukata, the store is thriving! When Mira takes a break with the supportive Yuji, she switches the candy apple to a “man’s candy”.

「3Piece ~Valentine~」 A loud noise from the kitchen! There’s Mira in a naked apron, covered in chocolate. On Valentine’s Day, Yuji uses his tongue to clean the chocolate off while being surprised by the unexpected happening. Enjoy the perfect sweet moment with blonde beauty Mira.

「3Piece ~Maid Clothes~」 Mira, who is the mother of his childhood friend, serves affectionately in glasses as a maid. After Yuji being teased with her bare naked tits, Mira cleans up the accumulated semen with a full course of oral sex and other adult acts.

「3Piece~Diet~」 Mira work up a sweat in tight exercise clothing. The face-sitting squat with sexual scent brings the lust of both to its peak. They work hard towards an unhealthy diet by shaking their demanding bodies from below, from the front, and from behind.