Junk Land The Animation episode 1


“You look good on me”
Akiba’s open cafe. Mr. Tanaka and Mr. Ebikawa eating kebab sand.
The two nerdy hobbies were getting a lot of loot.
Mr. Tanaka invited me to an adult shop, saying, “I want to stop by one more place.”
Mr. Tanaka, when Ebikawa who is confused flickers his naughty underwear, he takes him to the private room toilet in the same building …!?

“Escape of Omae and I”
Mr. Tanaka and Mr. Ebikawa have sex education in the classroom I’m playing.
Mr. Tanaka who is embarrassed immediately even though it is a play that he said from himself.
However, he was curious about sex and he tried the sex toys he bought at the sex shop the other day.
The two who can not stand it will even have sex in the classroom as it is. ・Manken people who came to karaoke for the

“Drunkenness Free Time”
test and the launch of the magazine work. The only female member, Mr. Arihara, is nervous so that she doesn’t become a floating kanji. She drinks cocktails to relax, but she just drinks too much. Mr. Arihara, who is intoxicated, attacks all male members !!