Diabolus: Kikoku episode 2


It is Yuki Asahina who should have defeated Maka who was humiliating.
Sayako Kimitsuka, who has witnessed her, decides to present herself in front of Yuki to save her Maka.

Sayako’s body becomes rigid in her old memories, but she is willing to hold her cock for her Maka.
Yuki, who is frustrated by her terrible tongue usage, tries to refuse “Maka is better”, but Sayako clings to “I am satisfied …”. She swallows and injects her Yuki spirit many times.
On the other hand, Maka’s shadow that appears and disappears in Yuuki.

Sayako’s feelings for her Maka eventually changed to her feelings that she wanted to make her feel better than Maka …
Maka who hides in Sayako and is intertwined with Yuki, she I was jealous.