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Miboujin Nikki The Animation episode 1

Akito, who passed the school of his choice, decided to stay at the house of his cousin’s widow, Ayako Sonomura.
Living with a “beautiful older sister” who has been faintly admired since childhood is a hellish day like heaven where you can test your patience as a man.
A few days after such a life began.

To celebrate the passing of Akito, we decided to hold a small banquet.
Ayako’s sigh becomes sensual as she blooms in old tales while drinking a little sake.
“I wonder if it’s a virgin that I’ve never dated a girl.”

Akito who can only rush to a confusing question.

Ayako whispers softly with a seductive smile on her.
“Then, isn’t Akun lying … Let’s see if he’s really a virgin?”