Kono Koi ni Kiduite The Animation episode 1


Meet Tsujinaka-chan, a courageous young woman who is head over heels in love with her co-worker whose also her senpai. When she discovers that he is going through a painful breakup, her heart aches for him. She can’t bear to see him in such pain, so she decides to take matters into her own hands and become his knight in shining armor. Driven by her deep affection, Tsujinaka-chan is determined to bring happiness back into her senpai’s life. With a brave heart, she gathers the courage to confess her true feelings to him. She believes that by opening up to him, she can help him find joy and love once again. Filled with hope, Tsujinaka-chan takes a bold step. She invites her senpai to a hotel room, creating a cozy and intimate environment where their passionate romance can blossom. With every intention of comforting him and giving him a fresh start, Tsujinaka-chan is ready to embark on this journey of love.