Do S to Hyouban no Toshiue Kanojo wa, Igai ni Do M Deshita ~Omochikaeri de Choukyou Shitemimashita~ PLAY MOVIE


Japanese Title: ドSと評判の年上彼女は、意外にドMでした~お持ち帰りで調教してみました~ PLAY MOVIE

I, Saya Sannami, woke up to a fuckin’ delicious scent that hit my nose. Shit, next thing I knew, I was butt naked and my head was fuckin’ pounding like a jackhammer. When I glanced towards the kitchen, I saw some random chick I didn’t recognize, rockin’ nothing but a naked apron while she cooked up a storm.

(God damn it… What the fuck did I do?)

“Oh, you’re up? It’ll be ready soon, so just fuckin’ hang tight,” she said.

As the memories started to slowly creep back into my hazy mind, I remembered that yesterday I was at a joint training camp with some other university’s karate club. During the fuckin’ wild-ass after-party, I had the balls to approach a senior chick from the other university who was known as the “Sadistic Mongoose.” She was all intense and shit during training, but now she had this fuckin’ soft gaze directed at me. Judging from the situation… I knew for damn sure we had crossed some fuckin’ line.

Eventually, she locked her eyes on me, all watery and shit, and said, “It was my first fuckin’ time doing somethin’ like that… but goddamn, I gotta admit, it got me all worked up. It’s fuckin’ embarrassing, but… I don’t fuckin’ hate that kinda thing.”

With eyes that could fuckin’ devour a man, she stared at my throbbing cock and planted a wet kiss on the head.

“Master’s… oh fuck… it’s all yours… mmm…”

What the fuck did I do? Who the fuck was I yesterday?