Me and my best friend’s lewd secret


japanese:俺と仲良し姉妹の淫魔な秘密~妹に死ぬほど嫌われながら姉とセックスする奇妙な同居生活~ PLAY MOVIE


Me and my best friend’s lewd secret ~The bizarre cohabitation life where my sister hates me to death while having sex with my sister~

Without any consultation, the father’s remarriage was suddenly announced to “Kosuke”. As a result, he suddenly had to start living with his step-sisters.

The two sisters were very close, but their personalities were complete opposites. One is the older sister, who goes by “onee-chan”, and is cheerful and mature, named “Kana”. The other is “Saya”, who dislikes men and tends to stay at home.

Without paying attention to the bewildered Kosuke, who was bothered by the sudden turn of events, their father moved to a new house with his new wife just a month after living together. As a result, Kosuke was left to care for the two sisters. Fortunately, the sisters got along well, so Kosuke was in charge of managing their allowance and doing household chores. He decided to live peacefully like that.

Then, a few weeks after the three of them started living together, Kosuke woke up one morning in the same bed as Kana.