In order to save a childhood friend who is a monk, the hero becomes a girl – motion comic version


Japanese title: クズ賢者afterII 幼馴染の僧侶を救うため、勇者は少女になる モーションコミック版
Alternative: RJ01015822
The novice priest Karen, whose body and mind have been tainted by the nefarious schemes of the wise man who was supposed to be her adventuring companion. And even her beloved hero is imprisoned by the scheming of the worthless wise man. In order to save the hero, Karen becomes the exclusive prostitute of a perverted powerful person. Her body is trained with the pleasure taught to her, and her feelings for the hero gradually fade away. Meanwhile, the hero is suddenly released from prison by a certain person.
He is instructed to go to the person who arranged for his release, and there he meets the prostitute Karen. This time, in order to save Karen who has become the exclusive prostitute of a perverted powerful person, the hero challenges a man to a bet – the contents of which are that he will drink a medicine given to him, and act as Karen in a young girl’s body. While being overwhelmed by the pleasure of having a woman’s body for the first time, he is repeatedly subjected to intense training.
The hero’s body is violated by semen and pleasure. Nevertheless, he does not give up and believes that he will be able to go on adventures with Karen again.
This is the sequel to “The Diary of Karen: Records of Priest Training – Motion Comic Version” of “Worthless Wise Man After,” but it can be enjoyed even if you have not read the previous work.