Seijun Kanojo no Teisou Kaijo ~Kareshi ni Naisho de Kimoota ni Okasareru Watashi~ The Motion Anime


Japanese: 清純彼女の貞操解除 〜彼氏に内緒でキモオタにオカされる私〜 The Motion Anime

Mayu Asami is a quiet girl who likes cosplay. She recently started dating her childhood friend Asahi Yamagishi, but couldn’t even hold her hand, let alone kiss her.

One day, he invited Mayu to attend a cosplay event. At the venue, Mayu is attacked in the bathroom by Takeo Beppu, The usual common ugly bastard.

Mayu has been forcibly robbed of her first time. And she was threatened by Beppu with the image of her at that time.