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Sem Cross Mix: Haru Urara, Uragiri to Zetsubou no Kisetsu-hen episode 2

Former top model Riko Ichinose. Anna feels inferior to her sister.
Originally, the two people who were close friends passed each other, and their hearts were separated, and the place where they arrived was the religious group “Believes Lab”.
And, in the name of the teaching “self-liberation” of the organizer, Yoshimitsu Mashima, the two are required to have a nasty sexual liberation one after another.
Several years have passed since then, and the two recognized by Yoshimitsu worked as female teachers at Believe’s Lab.

One day, Yoshimitsu is calling with a grinning face. The other party is Keizo Hagikawa, the principal of “Kurodoku Gakuen”.
Yoshimitsu wants a woman who wants to release herself in order to increase the number of believers. Keizo wants a “female priest” to rescue a school / student who has been ruined.
The two thoughts matched, and a female student, Kaho Mizushima, and a female lecturer, Anna Ichinose, were to be traded.
At that time, Riko Ichinose, as usual, helped release several male followers.

While being covered with semen, I suddenly returned to myself and looked around, and at that time I noticed that my sister Anna, who should always be there, was not there.
Concerned about her invisible sister, she heads to Majima’s room, where she hears the cruel treatment of her dispatched sister.
Riko trembles with traps and anger. With her complete mind control, she rushes away from the scene.

Black bronze school, men’s toilet. Anna is naked and covered with semen, sitting on the drain of the urinal.
Riko was able to get in between her when the crazy Hagikawa who licked her whole body tried to insert her with a scream.
However, she does not persuade Anna under mind control, and she is conversely turned upside down by her abusive misrepresentation of Believes Lab.
And Riko who was attacked by her Anna is pushed down, her toilet brush is screwed into her mouth, her breasts are exposed and her nipples are covered.
Unable to bear her pain and filth, Riko loses her consciousness after screaming at her.
A few days later. The school was called a human toilet, and there were Riko Ichinose, Anna Ichinose, Urara Ebihara, Kaho Mizushima, and Asuka Okita.

Male students who release their sexual desire one after another. Wearing tattered clothes, five women perform sexual service innocently.
Riko tears at not being able to help her sister while her sperm is poured down without stopping.
A photo of a piece of semen on the floor of the toilet. Riko and Anna step on the photo of their shoulders side by side with the feet of a male student waiting for their turn.