Boku Wa Chiisana Succubus No Shimobe episode 2

Shogo becomes a servant who devotes himself to Tiffany, a nymphomaniac, and lives with her.
A new girl appears under such a shogo.
Her name is Chloe, Tiffany’s younger sister. Chloe can’t absorb the herself and gets a kiss from Tiffany, so she ends up living with her.
One day, Shogo is alone with Chloe. He spends an awkward time with Chloe, who is silent and stares at Shogo.
We decided to go out together to do something about it.
Shogo is troubled that the awkward feeling does not change when he goes outside.
As she walked with such thoughts, she was pulled into a back alley that was not popular with Chloe.
Before I knew it, Chloe, whose eyes were shining with bewitchment, knelt down in a high-pressure manner and told me to lick it.