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Temptation episode 1

Hiroyuki Ayabe, a temporary teacher at Hoshigamine Jogakuin,
one day witnesses Kotohara Firefly indulging in masturbating at a teaching material warehouse.

A firefly screaming Hiroyuki’s name while masturbating her, Hiroyuki can’t take his eyes off the scene.
And Hiroyuki who was drawn into the teaching material room by firefly ends up having sex with firefly while being tempted.

A few days later, Hiroyuki is summoned by grade chief Masaki Kyomoto, where she is shown a video of Hiroyuki doing SEX with fireflies.
Fireflies have become Masaki’s pets, and all the events the other day were traps set up by Masaki.

Masaki threatens Hiroyuki with this as a story.
Masaki said that if she wanted her to be silent, she wanted her students Mikuni Mirai and Yasaka Kotoe to be XX.

Hiroyuki couldn’t go against it and put the order into practice …