Shoujo Senki Brain Jacker episode 1


Rin-Kaiphon is attacked by Medusa and Pegasus, the beastmen of Chimera who knock the world to the bottom of fear.
She closes all the holes and falls completely … As a swarm of snakes rushes into the soft flesh, she tears the pride of the goddess.
“I know, young lady. I can’t help but want you to shoot more, right?”

Swelling belly, open eyes, spitting semen.
Further blame continues on her noble girlfriend covered in her plethora of cloudy liquid.
“Aha! It’s a race between you and me to decide which one will make the horny lady squid first!”

Will there be a chance for Rin-Kaiphon, who has completely turned into Medusa and Pegasus meat ○○ !?