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Shikiyoku INFINITE episode 2

“Mother of Kurumi Yarima”
Kurumi Yarima’s mother is a genuine spear man and a woman with zero chastity!
Bring a man from daytime and work hard on cheating SEX !!
Man juice overflows enough to start masturbation without permission while giving a blowjob.
Cuckold her daughter’s boyfriend and gangbang in front of her family as a matter of course.
The last is a vaginal cum shot finish! Which is more important, sex with my daughter !?

“The heat of Kurumi Yarima”
When the school is over and the door of the house is opened, Mitsuko’s mother brings a man to the house today as much as she wants!
I invited her to have sex with her, but I pretended that she wasn’t interested and went to my room.
But she really remembered that, and her heart was pounding and she couldn’t control her excitement.
When I saw the cock in front of her in the walnut that came down to her living room, her desire couldn’t be suppressed anymore!

“Chief Yarima Reiko STEP2”
Reiko will teach the new employee education of Naoko Esu, who has been newly assigned.
A few days later, Naoko told her male senior employee that she respected her child.
It happened that the two were stopped by her child and went to her reference room.
There, the educational content of her child was revealed, and Naoko decided to do what she was truly told to receive all her words!