Eromame episode 1


“Koiyumi __ Maiden-How to shoot her
” Yuka, the captain of the archery club, thinks about the main character, Kohinata, who attends the same school, just by talking to other girls. ing.
At the end of the club activities, when Kohinata who came into the archery hall hugged me tightly from behind, my heartbeat couldn’t stop
. Yuka who turns from her appearance and devours Kohinata’s cock.
At the sacred archery hall where the two of us are intertwined with each other, we still hit the target today !!

“Santa Claus alone __ ”
One day when Christmas was approaching, I made a wish with drunken momentum, “I want to have a love-love house date with Santa.”
Then, on Christmas day, Santa really came home !!
When he robbed the pretty Santa’s virgin who appeared in front of him and noticed that a toy had arrived, he
blamed the rotor with his back handcuffs and put in anal pearls. Saddle on the pussy with raw cock as it
is !! I hope I can meet not only tonight but also today next year ♪