Eromame episode 2


“Himeno and Ichaero ○○ H”
Junichi’s childhood friend, Himeno is a very popular idol.
Junichi decides to use XX technique to find out her reason for Himeno who seems to be worried about something recently.
Then her trouble was that she couldn’t say she liked Junichi because of the idol’s romance prohibition rule. Himeno in the state of ○○ hides her usual shy personality , exposes
all her thoughts on Junichi, and although she is an idol, she loves Po, sucks, drinks, and ejaculates in the vagina !!

“Punishment H”
Popular idol Rise was accompanied by Himeno to take away Junichi’s thoughts.
Rise, who disguised herself and entered the school, got angry with Junichi’s words and swallowed up the aphrodisiac that was nearby with her momentum.
Her sexual desire explodes when she drinks, Rise dedicates her virginity to Junichi, and she drowns in pleasure.

“Idols’ sincere service 3P edition”
Himeno who visited Rise’s house in the same idol group. When I entered her room, Rise and Junichi had sex.
She was confused by Himeno, and she was struck by XX, and she tried to give up by showing her having sex with Junichi on TV.
But she doesn’t change her feelings that she likes Himeno’s Junichi.
She has a stubborn and stubborn conflict, and she asks Junichi which one to choose …