69: Itsuwari no Bishou episode 2


Midori Aoi, the epitome of perfection, with her outstanding grades and modest personality, has crafted an image that’s got everyone eating out of her hand. But yo, there’s a side to her that’s a straight-up rollercoaster ride. This girl has been through hell and back, struggling to reclaim her dignity after a major slip-up. But hey, when life throws you lemons, why not turn them into a spicy revenge cocktail? Midori Aoi hatched a plan to get back at those who wronged her, but let’s just say it didn’t quite go as expected. In a twisted turn of events, she found herself in the school nurse’s office, in a rather compromising position. And guess what? Her fiancé and, well, let’s just say “intimate companion,” caught an eyeful of the steamy action.