Tsugunai episode 4


Aoi was hiding inside the villa all by herself. She felt worried as she witnessed her friends got caputured one after another while screaming. Despite the unsettling situation, she was determined to find a way to escape. Just when she thought she had a chance, she comes across Kanami. Aoi felt relieved to see her, but her relief was short-lived. Kanami had already fallen victim to a cruel teacher and was completely give in to the pleasure of the teacher.

Aoi quickly ran away, determined to find an escape route on her own and rescue everyone. She made a vow to herself that she would not leave anyone behind. Just as she was preparing to face the challenge alone, her captive sister Natsuki appeared before her. They realized the mc is not around, and it seemed Natsuki had managed to escape as well. Aoi saw this as an opportunity to join her and search for an escape route together. They knew they had to act fast to save themselves and the others.