Valkyrie Choukyou Semen Tank episode 2


Grimgerde tries to regain himself with a cursed fate under the guidance of Ziegrune.
After defeating Gerhilde, the next step is to approach her eldest daughter Brynhildr!
On the other hand, Schwertreite was staring at the fierce turmoil with Gerhilde.
When Gerhilde’s sloppy and distorted Ahegao, which she had longed for, went outside to calm the hot flashes in the back of her body, she found that Ziegrune and Fenrir, the demon king, were connected.
Soon after being pushed down by a gap, Schwertreite couldn’t resist and was groped by Fenrir’s tongue.
With his arms broken and unable to do anything, Schwertreite was about to moisten a secret that no one had stepped into and fill Fenrir’s rigidity …
Grimgerde rushing to the unlocked Brynhildr. …… But, he invites Gerhilde who was stealing it and begins to blame Brynhildr together.
Brynhildr’s body, which can be played more than ever, is dyed pink and opens her mouth, while at the same time she echoes the sign of unlocking her …