Hitou Meguri Kakure Yu episode 1


Mikio, who returned home for the first time in half a year, stopped by at the traditional Japanese-style hot spring inn “Kanemine Sakura”.
There, Chitose Yukino, his childhood friend and lover, was running the inn as a proprietress. The appearance of a spectacle for the first time in half a year.
She looks innocent like a girl, but I wonder if she has become accustomed to dressing in kimono. She exudes a mature sex appeal and beauty.
Mikio walks in the inn to meet him at night, even though his work has settled down.
As I was climbing the stairs leading to the open-air bath, I heard Chitose’s voice from the open-air bath.
An astonishing sight jumped in through the gap between the bamboo fences of the open-air bath that I approached.
It was a scene where Chitose was violently rubbed by another man with a fresh breast and kissed her deeply, entwining her tongue and exchanging her saliva.
She seems to be resisting to get rid of the man’s hand, but it’s not powerful, and she gradually leaves her body to the man and accepts the bold caress.
Mikio just stood in front of such a shocking sight.