Hitou Meguri: The Animation episode 1


The inn “Kinhorou” in the Suzumine hot spring town. Chitose Yukino, a young female general who has just entered Kaoru Jogakuen and is also a student, is currently managing a long-established store with a long history.
One day, Mikio Amaro, a tourist from Tokyo who visited Kinminero. She is light and disgusted by a man with a bare heart who loves picking up girls, but she can’t refuse and is skillfully laid down. The body that does not know the man is blamed for wrinkles, and the woman of Chitose begins to scream-still because she was a virgin, she cries for the first time but is mercilessly pushed up and begged for ejaculation crying instead of forgiving To. It was just a rep, but Mikio, who became the first man, started to be worried.
However, the stage of the tragedy shows a new development.
Gondo, the young head of the Sakuraguro group, who is trying to “raise the ground” of Kinminero, who is suffering from poor management, abducts Chitose on the way to the office and confine it, and blames the hole of the woman who just opened. It was …