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Ochi Mono RPG Seikishi Luvilias episode 3

Incubus Iris and Witch Rifria of the separate corps were bathing in the spring. A line of sight looking into the bodies of two people who sprinkle sensuality and scent. Suddenly, a runaway demon attacks them. Rifria suffers from the electric shock of a modified orc, and she is climaxed without any help. In front of Iris is a tentacle demon. Iris, whose body is pressed down, invades her whole body with her tentacles and is planted with her eggs.

“I’ve been thrown into Watahi’s baby room.”

Meanwhile, Tia and Ruvirias face each other again. The defeated Ruvirias is dragged into pleasure by Tia. The bodies of women who collide with each other. Ruvirias, who continues to panting, is no longer trying to succumb to pleasure. And the castle is surrounded by flames …