Ochi Mono RPG Seikishi Luvilias episode 4


The battle ended with the victory of the demons. Ruvirias obeyed Voice, and even Saint Fonica fell into the hands of the Demon King. Tia and Ruvirias were given pleasure as a reward.
The two, who were detained and were willing to enjoy the blame and shame of the public, were no longer female. A city of demons in a festive mood. While humans and demons meet here and there, Iris and Rifria were also prey to public orgy. Rifria was crucifixed and she was a demon soldier’s solace.
“I’m sick of the habit of the bottom … Auu”
Iris calmed down the residual thoughts of the predecessor Demon King. Iris is swallowed by the pleasure of attacking him from all directions. He was receiving pleasure all over his body.
In this way, the demons and humans still live in peace today.