Hitou Meguri Kakure Yu episode 2


It’s been a few days since that night. Mikio still couldn’t hear what happened on the night of his return home …
The figure of Chitose who accepts the penis in the back of the vagina and allows ejaculation in the womb is clearly burned into her mind, leaving herself to caress of Kenzo without resistance like resistance.
why? Why? The appearance of the innocent behavior in front of her is just a question of Chi-chan, who Mikio is familiar with.
A desperate spectacle that jumps in front of Mikio who had such a hazy feeling.
Kenzo snuggles up to Chitose in his uniform in Chitose’s room. Instead of showing an unpleasant pretense, Chitose grabs Kenzo’s fierce one and moves her hand back and forth to rub it up.
She wasn’t an innocent Chi-chan, but a lustful woman.
She is pushed down while she is in uniform, and only the crotch part of her underwear is shifted and invades deeply. Chitose is unbearable and raises her cry.
Chi-chan, a childhood friend, wasn’t anywhere to bite her finger and leak her voice …