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Kurutta Kyoutou: Danzai no Gakuen episode 1

The vice-principal, Nomori, was the only hope that he would reach retirement age safely at the turbulent school.
Every day I pretend not to see the behavior of school girls who are completely disturbed.
However, due to the unbelievable scandal that the principal touches the students of his own school, the position of acting principal is rolled over to the field guard.
The position of the principal was also a flickering field guard in front of him, but he was pointed out by the president, “If you can’t do it, you’ll be dismissed.”
Unmotivated teachers, all-you-can-eat school girls who want to make fun of teachers.
The biggest problem was the all-you-can-eat Kiryu-ji Toko, the granddaughter of the president who wanted to do it with Nanako.
If you touch her, the anger of her president is
inevitable and will ruin her life plan anyway. A field guard holding his head. However, “I have no choice but to do it!”
By swinging a wooden sword, he managed to regain the energy of yesteryear, and Nomori decided.
Nomori, who came out of the game, inspects his belongings at the school gate in the morning, but it becomes a place for sexual harassment of bad teachers, and the situation is messed up by the rebellion of bad school girls.
At that time, the confusion reached its peak with the appearance of the president’s daughter, Toko.
The cornered vice-principal screams with blood in his eyes.
“Violation of school rules, forgiveness!”
The awakened vice-principal leads the teachers with extraordinary force. The purge of violators has begun.
A lot of shameful punishments given to strict school rules and violators!