Iinari! Saimin Kanojo episode 1


School lunch break. It’s time for students, freed from formal lessons, to have fun talking and eating with their friends.
Takuma Saito spends such time in a private room in an unpopular toilet.
The dark and nerdy Takuma was because he was isolated in the class.

Takuma lives a miserable school life, but suddenly falls in love with Kei Itoh in the same class.
Seeing Megumi giving a bright smile to everyone in her, Takuma strengthens her monopoly desire for Megumi.
There should have been no way to make her with Takuma’s communication skills that even her friends couldn’t do, but I’m thinking of using the XX sound that I accidentally got by wandering around her net.
He uses all his courage to call out to Megumi and succeeds in hearing her XX sound.

After school, Takuma waits for Megumi in an unpopular classroom. The classroom door opens.
And the world that Takuma had been waiting for began.