Jiburiru: The Devil Angel episode 4


Naoto and Rika, who are still involved in H in their room today, are challenged by Rayrage from Misty May. Rika and his friends head to the restaurant “Gekokujo”, a battleground, while being frightened by the Ray Rage. There is an indecent space where store managers, cooks, waitresses, and others indulge in orgy in the aqua world that has become a XX space. Asmo and Misty May are waiting. And the waitress Reina, who intersects with the store manager, finally reveals her true identity and becomes the figure of Makai Shogun Leilage!
Rika is XXed by a new kind of tentacle, and Naoto is raped by Rayrage. In absolute desperation, Rika transforms into Jibril with a momentary gap, but she is immediately drawn into the subspace of Leilage and becomes a prey to her strongest tentacle “Eternal Worm”.
Can Jibril defeat Leilage? ??
And what is “Blood Initiation” …!