Jiburiru: The Devil Angel episode 1


Naoto Kamino and Rika Manabe have decided to confide their love affairs that they had had since childhood when summer vacation began. Suddenly, a boy named Asmo, who calls himself the “devil,” appears and tries to take Rika away. Naoto desperately tried to protect Rika, but the power of the devil has no hands or legs. Rabriel, a girl who becomes an “angel”, appears in a dangerous place and is saved. The two who brought back the angel Rabriel, who was hurt in the battle with the “devil”, to her home are informed of her astonishing facts.

It was a long battle between the angels of the heavenly world and the demons of the demon world, and the demons that had been missed might attack again. The injured Rabriel has lost her power, so she begs Rika to fight for her. On the other hand, the devil also ran out of power in the previous battle. Naoto’s classmate Otonashi Meimi appeared there, and witnessing her Naoto confessing to her Rika raised her jealousy. Her jealousy is her evil heart, and the devil is taken in by it. The devil attacks Rika again as her evil makeover heroine Misty May instead of her Meimi. The angel Rabriel transforms Rika into a “Holy Angel Jibril” and makes him fight.