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Roshutsu-kei Mahou Joshidaisei Christhea episode 2

Toka Mizumori, a beautiful college student, began to live a double life as Kristia, a magical girl. However, she soon realized that in order to harness the power of magic, she needed to experience feelings of shame and pleasure. As a result, she is constantly being attacked by enemy monsters, engaging in kinky activities such as having sex all day, playing a dog on her campus, and performing lewd acts in public. The more her audience cheers her on, the more embarrassed Toka becomes. Despite defeating numerous enemies, Toka and Kokoha are unaware of the true terror their final opponent holds. The perverted play with the enemy monster seems never-ending, and their magic energy is charged through shame and pleasure. As an exhibitionist magic college student, can Toka ever undo her transformation?