Jiburiru: The Devil Angel episode 3


Naoto and Rika are busy playing exposure today in the park in the afternoon. At the end of the play, he summoned Rabriel, who had been neglected, and transformed Rika to show off Jibril’s new techniques “Angelic Alternate” and “Angel Dynamite”. Tired of Naoto’s request, Rika and Rabriel go home a little earlier.
Naoto, who is about to return alone, meets the waitress Reina from the restaurant “Gekokujo” and invites her to her home. On the other hand, Meimi is punished by Asmo in the Aku space. Anyway, she realizes a plan to blame Rika before her transformation indecently, and transforms Meimi into Misty Mei and dispatches. At Naoto’s house, the two lose the temptation of Reina’s adult. Not knowing that, Rika and Rabriel headed to Naoto’s house to prepare dinner.
Naoto and Reina having intense sex in their parents’ bedroom. Rika and Love enter Naoto’s room without knowing it. Asmo and others appear in Naoto’s room where no one is, and they are attacked by nasty tentacles. Naoto notices Rika’s screams, but Reina, who used the technique of Rayrage, does not let go, her body is not free, and she drowns in pleasure. Can you really rescue them ?? And what is Rayrage?