Toriko no Chigiri episode 1


Rio Yakumo and Miyu Yakumo lived in a slightly special environment due to family circumstances.
The two who lost their parents at an early age were taken over by their grandfather, who was the head of a group called “Yakumo Gumi”.
Her grandfather wanted her granddaughter to live in a world unrelated to them, and she grew up as a normal girl, with as little involvement in group work and conventions as possible.
However, the situation changes completely when my grandfather collapses due to illness.

The Yakumo group, which lacked the leader, could not stand the intensifying turf war, and the group became a light in front of the wind.
It was Kozo Inami, the leader of the Inami group, who once excommunicated the Yakumo group, who reached out to such a situation.
As a condition to help him, the condition he proposed was to offer Rio or Mimu as his woman for a period of time.
To protect important places and people, Rio decides to live as the woman of Inami.