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Ran Sem: Hakudaku Delmo Tsuma no Miira Tori episode 2

Riko, an older sister who is a longing for Anna and is the target of the complex.
Anna joins “Believe’s Lab” to surpass her existence.
Every time she accepts the cult’s sexual coercion called “self-liberation,” her true nature, which was asleep in the depths of her Anna, appears.

Around that time, Riko, who joined her after Anna, is also overrun by a male student.
Sisters, time goes by without crossing different feelings.
Even if you get naked in public …, even if you masturbate …, even if you suck your penis, have sex, or bathe your whole body with semen that you hated so much, your resistance will be lessened and your pleasure will prevail. Riko and Anna.

Riko finally arrived at Anna.
However, there is no remnant of her cute younger sister, and there is a figure of Anna who has transformed into a lust ○○ who sucks on a male genitalia … !!