Ryuudouji Shimon no Inbou episode 1


The man’s name is Ryudoji Shimon.
Four years ago, one day, he left his job as a science teacher and
lived quietly and humblely in a single-person rag apartment.
One day, Nippon Express documents arrive at Shimon.
It was an unfamiliar recruitment notice from a prestigious private school in Tokyo.

With doubts and concerns swirling, Ryudoji re-enters learning.
It was Sayaka Tatsuzaki, who used to work as a teacher at the same school, sitting comfortably in the chairman’s office.
Sayaka points a plan to the confused Ryudo-ji Temple.

Named “Full Life Supporter Development Plan”, it is a system that recruits women with excellent appearance, body, and sexual skills to wealthy people by calling them employment, and the school conducts “genius education”. It was a startling content.
And she says she works as an instructor for that “genius education” … that’s the condition for her reinstatement.
Ryudoji takes on the excitement that she wants to make a leap in her heart.

“Then, please make the four students on this list into the best products ”

. Her story is too good. Behind the scenes, while feeling the scent of a scent of conspiracy …
Ryudoji felt that the lust that had been lurking within himself for the past four years and the aching of overrunning boiled violently … ..