Kunoichi Ryoujokuden Ajisai episode 1


In an era where shinobi, who operated in the shadows and carried out secretive missions, a kunoichi (female ninja) named Ajisai was on a mission to investigate mysterious disappearances. In her pursuit of information, she sneaked into a mansion, but unfortunately, a small mistake led to her capture.

Now trapped, Ajisai desperately wanted to escape. But her fate took a dark and twisted turn when she was exposed to an aphrodisiac that heightened her senses. Helpless and vulnerable, she was subjected to various sexual acts against her will. Despite her ninja skills, she found herself unable to resist the overpowering sensations of aphrodisiac.

Ajisai tried to fight back the desire, but the overwhelming pleasure left her unable to escape her primal feminine urges. The once strong and stoic kunoichi began to lose control of her body, as it was gradually trained to satisfy the desires of men.