Lost in Princess ( H Scene)


In February 2019, the H-scene video “ねとられ姫” (Netorare Hime) aired, causing controversy and sparking heated discussions among anime fans and critics. Produced by the animation studio フェアリーテール (Fairy Tale), the video was released with one episode that had a runtime of 180 minutes.

For those unfamiliar with the genre, H-scene videos are a type of anime that often feature sexual content and explicit scenes. “ねとられ姫” is no exception, as it follows the story of a princess who is betrayed by her fiancé and becomes a sexual plaything for his political rivals. The video is known for its intense scenes of non-consensual sex and humiliation.

Despite its controversial nature, “ねとられ姫” has gained a significant following among fans of the genre, with many praising the animation quality and the depth of the characters’ emotions. However, the video’s content has also been heavily criticized for its glorification of sexual violence and objectification of women.

Some have argued that the video’s depiction of non-consensual sex perpetuates harmful attitudes towards women and reinforces rape culture. Others have defended the video, stating that it is a work of fiction and that those who enjoy it are capable of separating fantasy from reality.