Shinkyoku no Grimoire The Animation episode 1


The Royal Library in the Olympus Royal Magic Academy.
The chairman of the library, Unico-Winged Horse, was attacked by a tentacle monster.
But there comes a ball of her light, freeing her from her tentacles. The ball of light was Dante from the Grimoire.
Patilicia Garlond, a girl who was manipulated by the spellbook of “lust”, starts masturbating in the corridor of the school.

Nampa men gathering there. When the spellbook of “lust” creates a barrier, he manipulates Patty’s body and enjoys orgy play with men.
And Patty sucked up the magical power with the sexual desire of the men.
Unico rushed with the student council president, Bunka, to see the manipulated Patty attacking the students in the school using tentacle monsters … !!